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Aoki Mr. Aoki was some 40 years ago at first a hobbyist breeder, in fact he still is in the pure way he looks upon his fish. Working closely together with his friend Mr. Kase he breeds very high quality metallic Doitsu varieties. However most famous and not only in , he is for Kikokuryu-varieties for which he has been awarded with many prices. In 2003 Mr. Aoki build a new fish house in Katakai, he is now a full time breeder and he still owns his yakiniku (korean BBQ) restaurant in Katakai. One can not easily reserve fish of Mr. Aoki since his fish is always highly in demand, Number of mud ponds 50 / Parent stock 100 / Yearly production 20.000 pcs

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Conias. Full name Hiroi Conyasu, in short Mr. Conias. With his wife and twin sons are working closely together with his brother in Isawa. The region where many hot water springs are found. Offering very nice showa, ginrin showa, and specialized in Goshiki and well known for his Kigoi. Farm exists over 75 years. As always you will find several nice high grade mixes. Number of mud ponds 60/Parent stock 80/Yearly production 40.000 pcs

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Dainichi Dainichi Koi Farm is probably one of the most known breeders in the world. Because of its quality and body, everybody would like to have at least one nice Koi from Dainichi. Futoshi Mano, who has taken over the great assets (parents Koi) from his fatehr, the late Mano, works hard to produce higher quality Nishikigoi. The article on Dainichi Koi Farm can be found at KOI USA (Nov/Dec 2000) .

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Hajime Isa
Hajime Isa

Isa was born in Ojiya-shi, Niigata in 1945. After working at an agricultural cooperative, he established Isa Koi Farm in 1970. He has won various awards including the Kokugyo Award for his Showa Sanshoku

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Hasegawa He is a very unique breeder. While he is not famous among Japanese hobbyists at all, he is very famous in Europe. He is a place where top breeders like Dainichi and Hoshikin visits to buy their parental Koi. He is not famous in Japan because he started breeding as a hobby. But he is famous in Europe because he was introduced in "Koi Kichi" by Mr. Peter Waddington.He is an important source for Dainichi and Hoshikin because of the bloodline of his Koi. His Koi has a strong blood of 'Tomoin' Kohaku. Having this traditional 'Tomoin' bloodline as its foundation, he introduced 'Manzo' and 'Murada' bloodline to improve Hasegawa Kohaku. Now Hasegawa Kohaku is available at our auction. Please do not miss this opportunity.

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Hiroi (Yozaemon)
Hiroi (Yozaemon) In the deepest place of Oguriyama of Ojiya city, Mr. Hiroi breeds Koi for more than 80 years over generations. He breeds Kohaku, Taisho Sanke, Showa, Goshiki and more. His Ginrin Goshiki and Doitsu Ochiba Shigure are fantastic.

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Hisashi Hirasawa
Hisashi Hirasawa

Mr. Hirasawa, for 18 years, played an important role in establishing the Dainichi brand. He now actively takes in new approaches such as accepting students from vocational schools. Since he started his own company in 1970, he has been producing Koi with an emphasis on quality, and his goal is to produce Koi that will captivate the world.




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Hoshikin Hoshikin Koi Farm used to be called Shiotani Koi Farm because it is located in the area called Shiotani; because his name was HOSHIno, KINsaku, everybody called him Mr. "Hoshikin." As a result, his Koi were called Hoshikin Kohaku and finally became a recognized bloodline

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Kazuyoshi HIROI
Kazuyoshi HIROI

What we are working on very hard is to breed beautiful and healthy Nishikigoi. Our Goshiki has been bred and cherished by our farm in 70 years history.
Our Goshiki has attractive character in deep bule base color which turns as it grows and Beni (Red) in particular of Goshiki. 
We keep working hard in the hope that you enjoy and appreciate the charm of "Hiroi Goshiki"

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Kiichi Hoshino
Kiichi Hoshino

After becoming the Division Champion at the 30th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show in 1998, Teradomari Koi Farm’s Ginrin Kohaku is now called the “Teradomari Ginrin” and is beloved by Koi lovers all over the world. Family head Mr. Kiichi Hoshino currently focuses on body conformation and quality of the gin scales of his Teradomari Ginrin and is aiming to become the first non-Kohaku/Gosanke Grand Champion at the Show.




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 The youngest son of Seitaro Hirasawa, is fast making it his mission to create some of the most exceptional quality in many different varieties.




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Marujyu Marujyu Koi Farm
This breeder has bred Koi for more than 50 years since his father, Shigekichi, at Mushigame of Yamakoshi village. Especially, at his father, Shigekichi era,  Marujyu Showa commanded the Koi world. Right now, at Shigeo Tanaka generation, he breeds Showa, Taisho Sanshoku, Kohaku, Aigoromo etc.. These days, he breeds high quality Showa and Ai goromo. Having his son, Shigeyoshi, Marujyu Koi Farm is active in Koi breeding more than ever.

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Produces some great tosai mixes with a wide range of varieties, including Hariwake & Sakura Ogon. Very healthy fish.

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Ogata Manabu established OGATA KOI FARM 1972.
Today Ogata koi farm is famouse all over the world. His faher was koi fan and kept koi in the garden pond. Manabu has loved koi same as his father. When he was hight school student, he decided to be koi breeder. Then he had been to Niigata to learn how to breed koi for 6 yers. Manabu could acquire the knowledge and skill of breeding in Niigata. Manabu also has made friends with famouse breeders in Niigata.

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Shinsaku Sakazume
I believe that koi breeders are “artists” with “koi-breeding techniques.”- Sakazume

“The Sakazume Koi Farm is popular for its Aigoromo”

The Aigoromo of the Sakazume Koi Farm is a well-established name inside and outside of Japan.

In 1990, I first saw the koi in picture 1 at the ZNA All Japan Nishikigoi Show. Although the pattern is not first class, the shiroji of the back was snow white. And the ai (indigo color) of the sashi was so attractive. Also, the ai on the hi plates sits outstandingly. Intuition told me that this was not the koi that competes its beauty, but the koi that acts as a parent. At the time, I was focusing on Kohaku. But I felt that this koi had superior quality as a parent and asked its owner to sell the koi. Fortunately, the owner kindly accepted my offer.

My father and I went out to see the ponds as soon as the morning dawned. In koi breeding, we check ponds and koi condition the first thing in the morning. I learned this to be most important from my father. I also experienced that if we take care of them well, good results always come along. I still continue the pond check at sunrise. Koi breeding is part of nature. We must keep pace with nature to work.

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Shinoda Shinoda Koi Farm Shinoda Koi Farm was founded in Oguriyama, Ojiya-city, Niigata in 1952. Mr. Susumu Shinoda is the second generation. In Shinoda Koi Farm, he breeds Ginrin Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Showa and Hi Utsuri mainly. His Ginrin Showa won the Grand Champion at All Niigata Koi Show (Nogyosai) in 2000.
Grand Champion Ginrin Showa

It now acts as a parent to preserve and improve the quality bloodline

Shinoda Koi Farm is also known as USHIZO. He is a very famous breeder even abroad.

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Shoichi Hosokai
Shoichi Hosokai Hosokai Koi Farm started about 30 years ago in Ojiya city. He is well known for its Asagi and Goshiki. Especially, his Asagi won Best in size at All Japan Koi Shows many times.
In addition to Asagi, he breeds Taisho Sanke, Kohaku, Chagoi etc...

Because of his sincere attitude to Koi breeding, his farm is popular not only among Japanese dealers but also among foreign dealers.

In harvesting season from October to November, he has many quality Koi in stock and is a MUST place to visit.

Mr. Shoichi Hosokai and his son, Masaru Hosokai work hard to supply quality Nishikigoi to us.

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 Mr. Atsushi Suda breeds Nishikigoi in Ojiya-city, Niigata. He puts the world in a field of vision and wrestles with his job positively. 80% of the Koi, which he breeds, are shipped abroad. As for the Koi, which he makes, their popularity is extremely high abroad. He breeds Koi of the Ginrin variety, Kohaku, Hikarimono, Kawarimono such as Kumonryu, and Gosanke. In this way, he meets demand from foreign countries by breeding a lot of varieties.

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Takahashi Takahashi Koi Farm was founded in 1958. It is a nearly 40 year experienced breeder. He breed various kinds such as Showa, Taisho Sanke, Kohaku, Asagi, Hikarimono etc. The main breed is Showa. He breeds 80,000-100,000 every year, and its 50% is Showa.
The reason lies in nothing but its clay quality of the area. Takahashi Koi Farm is located at Kita Uonuma county of Niigata. Kita Uonuma county has a very suitable clay for Showa breeding. While that of Yamakoshi area in Ojiya is clayey, that of Kita Uonuma country contains sands in it. Because of the clay quality, Mr. Takahashi breeds mainly Showa.

In addition, Uonuma county used to have many silk factories, Koi breeding industry that uses many silkworm pupae from the factories developed.

His Showa is characterized in good pattern and also by that the Hi is red and bright.

He breeds 40,000 + Showa out of 10 pairs every year and sells all over the country.

His Koi is popular especially among Japanese dealers who wins many good awards at Koi shows.

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Wada Wada Koi Farm is a small Sanke breeder out in the area of Koide. He mainly focuses on the Japanese koi market, and breeder very few koi. He does have very nice Asagi as well in addition to his main line of Sadazo bloodline sanke. His own Sanke are used at Oya Koi Farm as parent koi...

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Yamazaki Yamazaki, Manabu(eldest born 1977), Mariko(wife)...Yamasan Yorijo...Aikawa district, Kawagauchi village, Budokubo...Niigata...GR & Platinum Ogon, D. Yamabuki, Goshiki Goromo, Beni Kujaku, Long fin Purachina(in 3rd year fukurin comes out with sheen) & GR & Platinum Hariwake, Shiro Utsuri & some Gosanke. Began breeding in 1934; fourth generation breeder. Near Choguro, Jinbei & Miyatora. 20 parent sets plus 30 spare parent sets. 35 mud ponds and approx. 2MM fry every year. Had some mud pond damage in 2004 due to flooding & mud slides. Manabu traveled to the US.

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Yoshikazu Otsuka
Yoshikazu Otsuka

The Asagi produced by Mr. Otsuka’s won the Category Grand Champion at the 34th and 35th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show, which established his reputation as an Asagi producer. He has also been enhancing the levels of his Goshiki Showa and Goshoku Sanke and has demonstrated his ability by being ranked as one of the top winners in the “Goshiki Category” at various Koi shows.





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